Can Air Purifiers Without Filters to Replace?

The phrase “buyer beware” can certainly apply to air purifiers without filters to replace. Many purifiers are sold with pre-installed filters. These often include a chemical that is harmful if inhaled, but many times they don’t include anything more than a byproduct of the manufacturing process. If you’re really looking to improve your health and protect the environment, you should always check the filters from the air purifier yourself.

air purifiers without filters to replace

Studies have shown that air pollutants, such as cigarette smoke, lead to a number of health problems. Unfortunately the chemicals present in air pollution are absorbed into the skin and respiratory systems. A person’s lifetime risk for cancer is increased fourfold if they are a regular smoker. Studies have also shown that an air purifier can help prevent these diseases from beginning. You may not realize it, but your air purifier has been doing its job for years, neutralizing pollutants in the air and ensuring that you remain healthy.

It can be tempting to replace your air purifiers on your own. However, air purifying systems are large and complicated pieces of machinery and even the most novice of handymen can barely perform basic repairs. Before you attempt to fix your own air purifier, you should follow the maintenance instructions included with the unit.

You can find air purifiers to fit all budgets. There are filters that attach to the unit, to be replaced during normal use and filters that sit on the unit and need to be cleaned periodically. There are even air purifiers available that function using photo electrostatic technology, removing 99% of the harmful allergens from the air. This kind of system requires no filter at all.

The air purifier is only as good as the air that is forced through it. The air needs to be conditioned in order for the filters to work effectively. An air conditioner can run up to a coolant level of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important not to allow the air to get too hot or too cold. Instead, you should regulate its temperature using an air conditioner monitor.

In order for your air purifier to work, it needs to draw clean air through a filter. Purified air does not mix well with pollutants. Filters will trap these pollutants before they have a chance to be absorbed into the air. Air purifiers with filters are an excellent way to breathe easier and cleaner air.