Can Air Purifiers Remove Dust Particles From the Air?

Do Air Purifiers Removes Dust From the Air? In an air-conditioned home, there is usually an equal balance of indoor and outdoor dust. But even indoor dust also has an external component, with up to two thirds of the airborne dust that collects in homes comes from shoes, clothing, and windows, hence the composition of the indoor dust can be very different from the outdoors dust. The indoor air we breathe contains a great deal of dust, which you may not see or perceive. A home built in the 1950’s will generally contain much less dust than one built today, which is probably why you notice that new houses seem to smell better and have a fresher air.

do air purifiers remove dust

Air purifiers were invented for a very good reason, to remove the contaminants from the air which are perceived to be harmful or unsanitary. Dust is one of such contaminants and the air purifier was created to remove it from the air we breathe. This is done by attaching an air purifier to the inside of a room and letting it push a stream of compressed air through the particles it finds. The air particles are then deposited against a special filter paper which absorbs the dust and lets it pass out and away.

Although the air purifiers remove dust from the air, they cannot remove dust mites from our bodies. Dust Mites are microscopic in their size and they float around in the air and may be invisible to you, but they are there. They live in our skin and, if left unchecked, they can cause our skin to break down and discolor and even get cancerous. The way to keep dust mites under control is to keep the house clean and dust mites cannot survive without a host so controlling the environment the dust mites inhabit is necessary.

Mold is another issue that the air purifier cannot resolve. You can buy an air purifier to take out mold but that is only keeping mold in the air where it belongs; the mold will simply relocate to another location. What you need is a mold killer that can kill the mold all together, and the mold killer has to be regularly maintained to kill it and keep it from returning. Mold can cause asthma, postnasal drip, congestion and sinus congestion, respiratory distress and can also make you look older than you really are.

It is the dead skin cell that does the damage to us when we come into contact with too much dust. Too much dust will clog the pores on your skin and that causes that “too much dead skin cell” look. The best way to get rid of dead skin cell is to scrub it off with an abrasive cloth or an antibacterial face scrubber. Dead skin cell, along with other dirt particles, is what causes most of the problems with dirt and dust in the air in your home. So, use an air cleaner and keep it clean.

Air purifiers do not remove dust and dirt from the air in your home, but they do remove particles that would otherwise lodge themselves in the mechanical filter like hepa filter. Mechanical filters need to be replaced from time to reduce the risk of bacteria and dust collecting. Heteria and mixed martial air purifiers are available that can handle larger particles of dirt. The best way to remove particles like this is through vacuuming.