Chlorine Water Filters: Understanding the NSF Certification

Chlorine Water Filters: Understanding the NSF Certification No doubt you have heard the slogans, “You are what you eat”, and this is especially true when it comes to your family’s health. Have you ever wondered how much your body is actually exposed to chlorine in your tap water? Chlorine is a byproduct of industrial waste … Read more

Do Ice Machine Water Filters Really Need to Be Installed?

If you want to make ice, then the first step is to use ice machine water filtration equipment to clean it. The use of ice machines has greatly increased over the years. The commercial use of ice machines in the restaurant industry has led to serious concerns regarding the safety of the public. In fact, … Read more

What Is the Best Well Water Filtration System?

If you are tired of having to settle for second best, you may be in need of a good well water filtration device. If you want the best water filtration device for your well or septic tank, you should consider one with multiple stages of filtration. This is important if you have a large water … Read more

Commercial Water Filters

Commercial Water Filters A commercial water filtration system refers to any type of water filtration device that is used to filter water for commercial purposes. The water filtration process removes all types of contaminants from water, making it safe to use. Water is filtered through various methods, including reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. The commercial … Read more

Reducing Chlorine and Fluoride With a Greensand Iron Filter Media

Reducing Chlorine and Fluoride With a Greensand Iron Filter Media Australia is a huge producer of iron ore and other minerals. So naturally there would be a lot of waste from this industry. Land & Water technology specialise in water iron & water purification from rural communities, municipalities & parks to large scale industrial operations … Read more

Water Filtration Water Bottles

If you are like many people, you might be thinking that water filtration is a very expensive undertaking. Or maybe you are under the impression that you have to use a lot of specialty equipment in order to get the water filtration system that you need. The truth is that there are many great water … Read more

Whole Home Water Filtration System – Filtering Water One Room At a Time

A whole home water filtration system is typically installed where the primary water supply enters your house. In most cases, the system will utilize a three point filtration system to provide the best protection for your family. The first stage eliminates larger contaminants including rust or sediment from the water supply. The second stage further … Read more

Water Filtration System For Home Use

With the advent of fluoridation, many households in Barrie now are looking for ways to get a healthier home with a water filtration system for home use. Water Filtration Systems, Water Softener Systems, Under the Counter Systems, Countertop Systems and several small personal water filters, such as Brita. Each system offers a unique purpose in … Read more

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Pros And Cons

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Pros And Cons Countertop reverse osmosis water filtering systems are the perfect way to clean your drinking water. The process of reverse osmosis works by pushing large volumes of water through a membrane. The water is forced into the tiny pores on the reverse side of the membrane. The tiny … Read more