Best Portable Air Purifiers For Complete Clean Air

best portable air purifiers

Best Portable Air Purifiers For Complete Clean Air

Comparison of the best portable air purifiers should be done before you buy one. This is because the market for air purifier is huge and the prices are also competitive. The most important thing you should compare when comparing is the features of different air purifiers. Some of them come with advanced technology and some of them are cheap and basic. So, you should always consider these features when buying your portable air purifier.

One of the most important feature you should look for when buying an air purifier is the odor elimination capability. Some of the best options include the Bissell 2780a which has the highest level of odor elimination capability in the air purifier industry. This is because this model comes with a user-friendly and automatic sensor that shuts off the unit during low levels of odor. The other good option includes the Cushman Vaporooter II, which is known for its dual HEPA filters. It can eliminate up to 99% of harmful gases.

In addition, the best portable air purifiers feature other advanced features that improve indoor air quality. Some of them have advanced mechanisms like the ion exchange system. This works by breaking down of poisonous substances in the air and replaces them with healthy and harmless substances. The other cool feature includes the ion exchange system which cleans the air of dust particles and allergens. This also ensures a better indoor air quality.

In fact, it has been reported that the best portable air purifiers come in sizes ranging from seven to forty-two inches. However, you should note that the size you choose should be compatible with the space where you intend to use it. Some of the best portable air purifiers are made in such a way that they can be placed in small spaces like a bag or a briefcase. The size of the purifier is dependent on its power or its overall performance.

The filters used in these best portable air purifiers include carbon, activated carbon and multi media blocks. Carbon filters are the best option for those who want an air purifier that has a dual action. The filters get activated when dust particles are introduced. Once the particles are filtered, they get exhausted outside while the activated carbon stays inside to trap harmful gases. It is one of the reasons why these filters are referred to as purifiers.

Activated carbon filters have two advantages. They are effective in eliminating toxic fumes and odors and can also absorb harmful compounds in the air. Multimedia blocks, on the other hand, are capable of absorbing and exchanging multiple kinds of pollen, germs, dust particles, mold spores and pollen. These features ensure that you enjoy fresh, clean air all around you. Moreover, they help to improve your health. You do not have to worry about breathing in harmful dust and microorganisms that might endanger your health.