Alen Breathesmart Air Purifiers – What You Should Know About These Air Purifiers

Alen breathesmart air purifiers are considered to be top of the line. This purifier is powered by a class A motor that can run up to five hours on a full charge. Other features include high purity performance and a low noise output. It also has the most advanced ionization system available in air purifying products.

alen breathesmart air purifiers

Sound Quality: Master bedroom air purifier settings are set at forty decibels. You will never hear a hundred CADR rated air purifier with less than fifty decibel output anywhere else; just Alen makes these loud quiet air purifiers specifically for master bedrooms. The noise output control allows you to adjust to a level that would be safe for your children. High purity performance ensures that your unit will work well in the presence of allergy triggering dust mites and other bacteria.

High Filter Technology: An innovative smart sensor is part of the filter system. It can sense when there are particles in the air. It then pauses the filtering process until a change is detected. This prevents the filter from being overworked. Once the filter detects a change, the system alters its filter settings to correspond.

Three Indicator Lights: The three indicator lights are designed to be easy to read. The large indicator lights are located on the front of the unit. The light at the top left of the fan speed indicator lights up whenever the fan speed is set to the desired maximum. The lower lights indicate the current filter level and air quality sensor level.

Noise Level: The most important feature when it comes to an air purifier is noise level. The Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier has the highest level of noise reduction than any other air purifier available in the market. The noise level can be reduced to more than 50%. This reduces background noise and gives you the quietest air possible.

Square Footage: The Alen Breathesmart Air Purifiers has a very small footprint. This means that they take up very little space. They are only just over 4 inches high and just over 3 inches wide. The manufacturer recommends that the base be grounded or connected to an electric outlet for power, but most models have no problems with the bare minimum of power.

Turbo Setting: The turbo setting feature on all Alen Air Purifiers is one of the smoothest and quietest air purifiers on the market. When you turn the unit, it will start at full power immediately, and it will shut down more quickly when it is not hot. The reason it runs at a lower speed is because it does not require cooling your system as much, thus conserving power and extending battery longevity. When you turbo, all the air purifiers in the group breathe equally, so you get the most benefit per square foot.

Replacement Filters Every 12 Months: When your air purifier starts to run down on air and starts to produce undesirable smells, you should always check to make sure there are no filters or clogging in place. If you find a clog, then you should replace the filter(s) immediately and check your appliance manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this. You can do this on your own with a simple screwdriver by pulling the filter out and putting it back in the correct slot, then simply replacing the gaskets. This is actually a very simple process, but you must be sure that your filters are changed at the proper time and in the correct order. This will help you avoid having your purifier give you those annoying and costly indoor air pollutants.