UV technology used in hospitals is incorporated into the WAVE Air Purifier. It utilizes a patented, revolutionary dual UV wavelength and reflector not found in other UV purifiers. Coupled with a high end HEPA filter and multi-stage processes, the WAVE Air Purifier gives you superior purification killing up to 99% of everyday indoor air pollutants”

Smart Sensing Technology continually samples and monitors the air, automatically controlling the unit’s operation. If pollutant levels start to increase, the unit will self-adjust and operate at a higher speed until conditions are favorable.

Patented “J” lamp utilizing UVC and UVV wavelengthsto kill up to 99% of everyday indoor pollutants including mold, viruses, bacteria, other biological contaminants as well as chemicals, odors, smoke, and aerosols. This unique design and the increased surface exposure are not available in purifiers with a single wavelength UV and yields superior results.

Highly rated HEPAfilter traps 99.5% of airborne particulates which compliments the UV purification as each is designed for specific pollutants.

Additional processesincluding a pre-filter, carbon filter for further odor reduction, and a TIO2 catalyst to further destroy Volatile Organic Compounds.

Reflector intensifies the UV energy for increased purification.The increased exposure from the “J” lamp coupled and the reflector provides an unparalleled high kill rate of a wider array of pollutants.