Air Purifiers Without Filters – Is This What You Need?

air purifiers without filters

Air Purifiers Without Filters – Is This What You Need?

Although filters are necessary in an air purifier, now there are innovative and new products which are made to function without one and still deliver top-notch quality results. The ideal air purifier really makes up for the lack of a filter to maintain your air fresh by other means. There is really no substitute to an air purifier if you want to breathe safe and pure air. It is imperative to your health that you do whatever it takes to ensure that you always get this fresh air.

Now, let’s look at how you can get the most benefits from your air purifier while still keeping it from having to perform continuous maintenance. First, you want to consider getting an air purifier that has no filters to change. A good way to gauge this is to know how long your unit can stay on “use”. The measurement is usually based on the time between when you turn it on and when it is filled with air. The air purifying unit should be able to stay on “use” for at least eight hours before requiring a change of air filter.

When looking for filterless air purifiers without filters, make sure that they come with multiple settings and options. This way you can control how much air you need to keep clean in your home and whether or not the machine needs to run when the filter is changed. Some systems also have what is called a constant flow system. With this type, the filter is only changed out when the temperature outside changes to the filterless air purifiers work even when there is little or no breeze.

You may also consider purchasing an ozone air purifier because of the many benefits it has to offer. This type will eliminate odors and toxins, which can be in the air from pet dander, dust particles and other pollutants found in the air. It works by absorbing and neutralizing odors. Ozone air purifiers are especially effective at removing odors from a fume or fumes that can trigger asthma attacks.

If your budget simply won’t allow you to purchase a full filterless air purifier then another option to consider is a negative ion generator. These are generally a larger sized than a standard filterless air purifier. A negative ion generator uses negatively charged ions that attach themselves to dust particles and bacteria. These negative ions are very effective at cleaning the air in your home because they neutralize the positively charged ions. The result is a cleaning that is a few times cleaner than traditional air purification methods. They are also less expensive to operate.

If you are interested in buying one of these portable purifiers then make sure that you check out the options available to you. You should look for one that incorporates all of the features you are looking for. It should be portable, easy to use, efficient and affordable. You should also take into consideration the energy efficiency of the unit. A portable model will cost you more but it will be far more energy efficient than a larger and stationary machine.