Air Purifiers With Washable Filters

Air purifiers with washable filters are very popular. People want a way to get all of the allergens out of the air they breathe without having to change or clean the filters often. With this air purifier without washable filters, the Honeywell 120-Q, you seldom ever need to buy new filters. The filters usually don t have to be changed unless they become damaged. Plus, you can stop losing sleep at night over pet dander, pollen, dust mite, mold spores, and other allergy inducing particles. All you have to do is keep the air purifier full of air and the filters will do the rest.

air purifiers with washable filters

This air purifier with pre-filter also functions very well. It doesn t matter how much pollen is in the air or what kind of allergens are in the air. The pre-filter takes care of it. It works best in pollen, however, it will still work with all kinds of allergens. The air purifier can even filter the air in your car so that you aren’t breathing all those particles in while you are driving!

This air purifier uses two different technologies to achieve its excellent air quality results. One technology controls the level of ozone and other irritants. Ozone can deplete the ozone layer and cause damage to people and pets. Since most air quality experts agree that ozone is not good for indoor air quality, this air purifier uses an ion exchange to remove the air irritant and retain only the healthier air friendly particles.

The washable filters of this air purifier will help you save money on your annual air purifier maintenance costs. Although you have to replace the filters from time to time, it will be less expensive than buying air purifier replacement parts and using them yourself. Replacement filters can be very expensive.

If you don’t mind the inconvenience of having to clean the filters by hand, this air purifier can be a great solution. It has a removable filter, which means you can clean the filters at any time. It has four adjustable filters inside the unit. The lower priced air cleaner with washable filters has three filters but a lower grade. It also has a very large drum that will hold the filters and keep them clean. You only need to change the filters here and there according to the type of room you are air purifying in.

The biggest drawback to this machine is the size. It is only able to handle a few hundred particles before the filter needs to be changed. If you are very concerned about the health of your family, this might be a good solution for you. However, for heavy duty filtering, the best part about this machine is the HEPA filtration which does a great job of getting rid of harmful airborne particles and odor causing substances from the air.