Air Purifiers Reviews – Darth Vader vs. Blue Air Purifiers

Why are you reading this article? Because I am about to give you the best air purifier reviews and tell you which one is best. And the best air purifier reviews do not just come from consumer reports or your favorite department store. They come from people who have actually used the purifier for their own homes.

blue air purifiers reviews

So let’s begin with the Darth Vader helmet’s air purifier. These are what is known as positive air purifiers and they come in two different designs. The first design comes with one or two ionic interlinking chambers. In other words it can take in air from outside and emit positive ions in the air to kill bacteria. When the ions are released it zaps the bacteria and viruses out of the air and replace them with ordinary air.

The second design comes with three chambers, or “juicers”. The three chambers are filled with a highly pressurized liquid soap or blue air purifiers reviews would say either oxygenated vegetable oil or soy wax. Each chamber is sealed off with stainless steel posts that have been welded onto the steel frame of the machine. The liquid soap or blue juice is passed through these stainless steel posts where it is vacuumed through each chamber by the moving stainless blade that is equipped with special tools to cut down on slinging and transfer of heat.

In the air purifier reviews for the Darth vaders two of the important parts of the machine are the helmet and the hand held ionic processor. The helmet is a full body, full face respirator that has a hard black exterior finish. It has full padding in the chin up area as well as padded straps along the arms and torso. The helmet has a great clear visor that helps diffuse the light coming through the visor.

The handheld ionizer is a small black box about the size of a laptop computer case that has about a gallon of blue juice in it. The ionizer is attached to the back of the Darth vaders’ head so it can be used like an air purifier. As the blue juice passes through the handheld processor the oxygen molecules are separated from the other chemicals that could be in the liquid soap or blue juice. Each compartment then releases the different chemicals into the air.

Blue air purifiers or the Darth vaders are excellent machines that are both useful in air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The only thing to make sure of is that the blue juice is not laced with any kind of harmful poison or other hazardous material. Some people have reported experiencing stomach cramps, but that is easily cleared up by drinking the lemonade beverage while they are using the juicers. The ionizers and processors are also great tools for cleaning old grease off of different metal pieces and dishes and cleaning glassware.