Air Purifiers Ozone Generator

Ozone generator air purifiers are capable to eliminate the foul smell and distinctive taste in indoor air. The high-quality, naturally-occurring ozone produced by an ionizer can effectively cleanse indoor air of all kinds of odors and unfavorable tastes. Ozone is also a highly effective gas which cannot easily be breathed in. This makes it one of the most useful technologies for the entire home purification process.

ozone generator air purifiers

The ozone generators or electrostatic air purifiers work on the same principle that the conventional units employ to produce ozone (ions) at a high voltage. They have negative charges on their electrodes that attract airborne particles and emit them into the filter where they are safely removed by means of a paper filter. The ozone gases created in this way are usually very effective in cleaning up all kinds of contaminants from the air we breathe.

The new generation ozone generator air purifiers come with a number of advanced features. Among the most important of these is the fact that many models incorporate what are known as negative ion therapy. This method of cleaning out the air ensures that the number of ozone gas particles that leave the room is substantially reduced. This ensures that more of the desired ozone is produced and this process is more effective and efficient than conventional methods.

In addition to this, modern ozone generation air purifiers employ what are known as activated charcoal filters. Activated charcoal is used to trap and neutralize the dangerous gases and substances that produce the foul odor and other undesirable outcomes. Because the particles of these gases are positively charged, the activated charcoal has the effect of attracting them and holding them in its chamber until they become weak and lighter and then easily flushed away. This allows you to use less ozone production and to enjoy cleaner air at the same time.

Other features of some models of these ozone air purifiers include the presence of carbon filters. Carbon filters can remove some of the heavier particles from the air as well as provide some added protection against airborne bacteria and viruses. One model in particular called the cosmetic model actually has a U shaped tank that houses an activated carbon filter. It is very efficient and is able to remove ninety-five percent of airborne particles from the air.

There are other newer air purifier models that incorporate ultraviolet light. This process is known as photo-catalytic oxidation and it allows the ozone generator to kill many types of harmful microorganisms in the air by producing oxygen radicals. These include various types of bacteria and fungi. They are killed through the reactive oxygen species that they release into the air. UV rays are believed to be especially effective at removing fungi and viruses that can cause severe respiratory problems.