Air Purifiers For Mold And Odors

air purifiers for mold

Air Purifiers For Mold And Odors

Air purifier technology is growing by leaps and bounds and there are now many different kinds of air purifiers for mold removal available. Although air purifiers will not solve the root cause of a mold problem, these specialized devices can effectively filter down pollutants and mold spores. Most air purifiers available are fairly simple to use and will provide around-the-clock clean air.

Air purifying systems work on energy star rating and most models have filters that have been certified to be air purifiers for mold and bacteria. The technology behind an air purifier is based on the principle of oxidizing odors and removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates. This method of filtration is actually quite common in households as it is the simplest available and can save money over time. Energy star rated purifiers have passed regulatory tests that test for VOCs and provide around the clock filtration for both air and water.

Mold and allergy sufferers should consider adding air purifiers for mold and moisture to their homes. The primary reason is that mold and allergies are often aggravated by high humidity levels. Mold spores are small and are known to inhabit moist environments and thrive off of organic material and human tissue. High humidity is frequently found in attics, where it is naturally generated, such as the condition created by heating ducts. Ducts that are blocked with moisture are more likely to house mold spores than they are to be mold-free.

When it comes to getting rid of mold spores however, homeowners should not rely solely on their air purifiers for mold removal. Instead, they should make certain to clean and scrub the areas that mold can settle into and flourish. This includes ductwork and any areas that are open and damp from natural rains or snow storms. For those who live in an older home, a simple filter placed on the furnace return can filter out some pollutants but will not effectively kill all of them.

A more effective way to get rid of mold and odors is through the use of air purifiers and air cleaning systems that incorporate carbon filtration and activated carbon. Carbon filtration removes the harmful chemicals and pollutants that have been identified to be associated with mold growth. Activated carbon filters use oxygen to draw out certain pollutants, including VOCs. Ozone has been proven to reduce and even eliminate the harmful gases and odors associated with mold growth. While these two air cleaning systems are the most effective at reducing the harmful effects of mold, they are only one part of the total picture.

Excess moisture can also be caused by an inefficient air circulation system in a home. Moisture can escape through windowsills, plumbing pipes and under the roofing. Air dehumidifiers can be used to remedy this problem by drawing the moisture outside of the home where it will not circulate as quickly and easily. An air purifier that also features an under the floor dehumidifier is a great addition to a complete home air cleaning system.