A Brief Look at Alen Air Purifiers

alen air purifiers

A Brief Look at Alen Air Purifiers

About Alen Air Purifiers. The company, founded by Thomas O’Hara in 1976, has been dedicated to manufacturing high quality air purification equipment. Their air purifier range includes portable, permanent and custom units. All units are designed for maximum performance under the most demanding conditions.

What’s so special about Alen Air Purifiers? Alen Air purifiers are engineered specifically for optimal performance in any given location. The company’s top of the line air purifier is manufactured using their patented nano-technology that makes use of the patented Size Component Relationship (SCR) for maximum oxygen filtration. The company’s full line of air purifier models use their patented Oxygen Transfer Filter (OTF), which effectively removes odors, chemicals and dust particles from the air. The company’s air purifier also utilizes an electrostatic charge to reduce the static charge on filter media.

Alen Air purifiers offer the benefits of purified air that is of exceptional quality. It is designed with a simplified design for ease of installation and use. The air purifier system is very easy to replace and can be easily hooked up to an existing air conditioning system. The design of the entire unit facilitates easy access for maintenance and repair. A patented HEPA filtration system is used in all air purifiers, eliminating odors, chemicals and particles that would otherwise escape through a filter.

Some models of Alen Air purifiers have up to three filters. Depending on the size of the room where you want to install the air purifier, you can select the right size of filter. You can also purchase a system with room coverage. For example, if you have a large room with a lot of dust, then room coverage may be necessary. Other purifiers have unlimited room coverage, but the price may increase.

One of the benefits of an Alen Air purifier is its user-friendly interface. The on-screen display is easy to read and provides information about the on-time air quality test results. The indicator lights provide an instant view of the filter status, allowing you to quickly determine whether you need to replace the filter. In addition to providing a user-friendly interface, the air purifier has a high ceiling-to-floor clearance factor. This means that it can be installed in even the smallest rooms.

One of the great benefits of Alen Air purifiers is their ability to clean the air of smoke, mold, dust, pollen, dirt and odor. The air purifier can run quietly, and without disturbing others in the home. It has one year warranty that covers replacement filters. It also has two speeds, and manual and automatic fan speeds. With the manual fan speed, you can reduce air dust and ensure that the air flows smoothly. The automatic fan speed helps increase the air flow, preventing the machine from working when it should not.