Vic Blanchet

I want to let you know how my Wave basement ventilation is working.  
As you and I have discussed, I installed the unit myself. I had no problem with the installation as the directions were fairly straight forward; however, the instructions appear to be a poor translation from another language and the pictures included are not all that clear, but I figured it all out with no problems. So, all is well that ends well.

As far the unit’s operation goes, after about a month, we believe it is performing wonderfully. Our finished basement smells so much better. That musty humid smell is gone, drawn out by the unit’s quiet operation.  The electronics are great; they portray exactly what is going on, giving clear indication as to humidity trends and fan speeds. Also the override function is a great feature in case there is a need for enhanced ventilation, such as when my son exercises in the basement. Overall, this is a great product and I am pleased with the purchase.

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