Mohan Pradhan

I read many testimonials about how effective The Wave Ventilation system is but I learnt first hand how true it is after Irene came and shut down all power for almost three days! With all that rain I had no water problem in the basement but it smelled so dank, musty and with a heavy damp odor!
after having unit for just over two weeks the basement odor and humidity went down so much that even the pest control guy noticed saying “for the first time it smells clean and dry and has no bugs any where as they don’t like dry places”!!
So today as soon as the power came back the unit ran none stop for three hours and now it is running on slow mode and the heavy musty smell is now reduced quite a bit. It should return to the level it was before the hurricane.

So I thought you would want to know.
My two neighbors had water due to this storm and I mentioned to them Wave Ventilation and gave your name. Also my wife’s niece in Princeton is also interested.

In the mean time I hope you survived the hurricane in Long Island.

Best Regards

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