I am generally a skeptic. My husband insisted that we put in a HydroCare water system. We live on Long Island and we put in a filter under the sink as soon as we moved in, because the water tasted horrible. I thought that our filters under the sink were enough. He was concerned about the chlorine and other problems he read up on. The plumber put in the system and I was waiting to see if it was all that it was hyped out to be. My husband gave me 3 glasses of water to taste. The first one was putrid to say the least, which was our water without any filtration. The next two glasses were hard to detect any real difference. The one I did prefer was from the new HydroCare system. The other was from a Poland Spring bottle. I was amazed. The water from the system was as clean and fresh tasting as any bottled water. We had our kids’ families over and they did the same test. They use bottled water and were skeptical but were really amazed at how good the water tasted. I still find it strange that I can get a good tasting glass of water from anywhere in the house.

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