John Cicco

Thank you for your quickness in responding to my e-mail request for a technical support number should be ever need one for our HUMIDEX ventilator.
As you know, our unit is 10 years old and has — and continues to — function flawlessly since we installed it shortly after  we built our new home in 2003.  We have a large 15’x24′ finished room (with its own bathroom and walk-in closet) in our basement.  While it’s currently used as a full-office/meeting room (with future optional use as fourth bedroom, a family room, or a mother-in-law suite).
When we first moved into the house, this room became humid in late summer.  Installing and using the HUMIDEX during the high humidity summer months) quickly helped fix this problem, while also drawing the cooled air-conditioned air down from the ceiling vents through the entire room.  Moreover, in the winter, we found that leaving the HUMIDEX on “low” during particularly cold spells served to help pull the warm heated air down from the overhead furnace vents and through the entire room (so that the temperature in the basement is always within 2 degrees of the rest of the house).
It’s quiet, easy to pre-set, efficient, and — with a 1’x1′ “footprint” — takes up very little room.  All in all, regardless of the humidity or temperature, the HUMIDEX ensures that this large well-used room is always as comfortable as any room in the house. 
And, while it’s still running perfectly after 10 years, I wanted to be sure we could replace it if it ever wears out….

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