I’ve dealt with a lot of companies and I have to say I just can’t get used to the amazing quality of the customer service at Hydrocare. When I bought the system and received it I was excited to install it. I opened it up and found that the product, even though packed ok, had shifted in the box. So I called just to let them know what happened. The rep I talked to was so interested in what happened, they asked me to take pictures and send them over. I just called again recently and found out that they completely changed how they pack the system now due to customer’s feedback and how shipping companies treat packages, that’s a company that cares and listens. Now I read the other persons review on the system leaking. Here’s the thing. This system is not junk it’s a precision machine. The ends of the elbows have rubber O rings and the quick release ends have O rings. The ends swivel. So when you tighten it up you HAVE to swivel the end so both ends are in a line. If you don’t follow the directions and you don’t follow this step the system will leak! It has nothing to do with the product or anything else it’s just the mechanics of the system. I used Vaseline on my O rings and now hydrocare supplies it when you get new filters. I installed my whole system with pex, valve before the system and after. I also installed a drain down so I can isolate the filters and empty them before popping them off. The sharkbite type connections on the filters work flawlessly and changing filters is a snap. This system completely removed the yuk out of what our township considers drinking water. Also we received a letter saying there was lead in our water. Had my water tested from the system and 0 lead in my water, can’t say the same for my neighbors. This system will give you clean fresh awesome drinking water but also give you clean water to wash clothes in shower in everything. I can’t recommend it enough and knowing hydrocare is just a call away for filters or parts gives you that reassurance that other companies just don’t have.

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