Just wanted to let you know the installation was completed by 12:45PM today, the 8th of September and everything went well.  It was determined that the best place to locate the unit was along the south wall.  A dandy fine job Mr Hill and his assistant accomplished!!!  Both were very professional, efficient and THOUGHTFUL in paying careful attention to peripheral concerns that I did not expect they would do, e.g, leveling the storage shelves after they had to be moved AND reconnecting the speaker wires that had to be disconnected to access the area for the installation!  When he presented me with the bill, before I looked at it, I asked if I were going to pass out and he  said “no”, and when I looked at it, he was right–I didn’t pass out!  It was the amount he had suggested when I first spoke with him to set up an appointment.  I’m so very grateful to you for your help and greatly appreciative for a job WELL done by Mr David Hill and his assistant (whose name, I regrettably, cannot remember).
Just wanted to share this bit of good news with you as well as to thank you again!  And, oh, by the way, the quality of air seems to be improving already so it appears you may have a happy, satisfied customer here–very pleased with the WAVE unit and the Sanuvox, which Mr. Hill helped me identify the filters and insert them in proper order into the Sanuvox unit.

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