Evelyn DiMaio

As a widow for 2 years, it was difficult for me to make the decision about getting the Wave Ventilation System. I had heard about it on radio. I had a dampness problem in my basement and during the summer I was emptying out my dehumidifier every day. My basement always had a musty smell. My electric bills were so high because of the energy required to run the dehumidifier. I was hesitant to buy the Wave because I thought it would be a long involved process to order and install it. It was super easy to order it and installation took 2 hours. It took only one week from time of order, delivery and installation! I have no odor at all in my basement and my electric bills are much lower. Best of all I could go away and not worry about emptying the dehumidifier!!! The team at Wave was professional and I would recommend this product to anyone, without hesitation!

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