Where and how is it installed?

We recommend using a professional to install the WAVE Ventilation unit and we have a network of approved installers, but handy individuals can certainly install it themselves. In either case though, it is extremely important to install the unit as per company specifications, to maximize ventilation and moisture control. It requires a dedicated 6″ vent to the outside and is located in the lowest part of the home, in an area where it will be able to draw in the most moisture and create a strong airflow over the maximum surface area. The installer will place a passive air register in the floor or door upstairs (when there is no open stairwell), to allow for a fresh, drier and warmer replenishment air to enter the basement while the WAVE ventilation is expelling the moist air. Additional passive vents at the floor level in doors or partitions may be required to facilitate the air flow freely throughout the entire level. The proper installation is crucial in order to dry out the structure and prevent moisture from stagnating, condensing and saturating the structure.

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