Does a WAVE Air Purifier produce ozone?

As part of the WAVE process involved in UV air treatment, the UVV (187 nm) portion of the lamp is fused to the UVC (254 nm) portion of the glass. WAVE lamps are not ozone generators; ozone is a bi-product of oxidation. As the oxidation is emitted from the UVV portion of the Lamp, the UVC wavelength immediately starts to break down residual ozone that may be present. WAVE Air Purifiers are treating the chemical contaminants in the air at that moment in time; this is one of the components of its patent. The amount of residual ozone produced by a WAVE Air Purifier with the UVC/UVV “J” lamp has been measured by independent accredited testing laboratories and found not to exceed 0.0035 parts per million at the outlet of the purifier. This is less than 1/10th of the ASHRAE limit (0.05 ppm) and less than 1/20th of the OSHA (0.10 ppm) standards for safe ozone levels. In fact, the UV process produces less residual ozone than a photocopier or the arcing from an electronic air cleaner, and in documented air quality tests, zero ozone levels have been found in the living or working area.

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