The Multiple Health Risks of Chloramine to Municipal Water Consumers

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The Multiple Health Risks of Chloramine to Municipal Water Consumers

What do concerned citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area and consumer advocate Erin Brockovich have in common? They’re both extremely alarmed abo…

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“I must admit that after hearing advertisments on the radio I was very skeptical about what the Wave System could accomplish and after talking with you and taking your advice we did in fact contact the Better Business Bureau and they gave your Company the highest rating and no complaints. We read all stories from the people who purchased the units but I was still skeptical. Well the wife ordered it and it was installed last Friday,September 10th. Well Saturday morning I went down stairs to see if it was still running. I called the wife to come down and it was unbelievable. The smell of the humidity and dampness was almost totally gone. We had used a dehumidifier for quite awhile to no avail. The home is (9) years old an it had a problem since we moved in. Well needless to say we were back down there Sunday cleaning up the cellar because now due to the Wave System we could smell some of the things that were causing problems from the dampness. The Wave is easy to use even for an Old Guy like me who is 71 years young today. I can’t thank you enough. You took the time to explain everything and even checked back with us which we thought was great. Oh one more thing. I had an electician come over to put in a plug next to it and he read the specs and said this is not going to use hardly any electricity, and that made us feel good because it is exactly what you had told us. From Ernie & Donna Wright we thank you Ralph.”

- Ernie & Donna Wright

“Just wanted you to know the slab unit is working great for us. So far there has been no condensation build up on the walls or window.

The only draw back is the water in the snakes bowls is evaporating faster than usual. But it’s really not a problem. Thanks again for all your help..”

- Doug Donnelly

“They system seems to be running great as we can already tell a difference when you walk down stairs. The speed has changed a few times and it still as solid drops but you can definitely smell the difference (the smell is clean no icky smell).
I will be mailing the warranty card back out tomorrow, thanks again for all your help. I wish we would have had this years ago.”

- Cindy