WAVE vs. Dehumidifiers

The WAVE home ventilation system is the better dehumidifier alternative, by providing both moisture control and mandatory healthy air exchanges without any buckets of water, filters or hot energy guzzling motors.

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Limescale/Hard Water Solutions

HydroCare reduces and removes limescale throughout the home, making it the hard water softener alternative. There are no salts, maintenance or plumbing required. It's healthier, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Hydrocare Dual Action Water System is Clean, Healthy, and Fresh

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Sick Home Syndrome

Sick home (or building) syndrome is a term used to describe a situation where inhabitants experience negative health effects and can be attributed to the time spent inside the home. These cases are mostly attributed to poor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or other HVAC systems that have a drastic effect on indoor air quality